Aug 10
Anmälan till HT

Vi har fått rapporter om problem med anmälningsformuläret. Om det inte fungerar; kontakta oss via kontaktlänken. Vi räknar in er så fort vi hör av er och återkommer med anmälningsblankett, betalning etc.


It seems the signup form is not working as it should. Contact us via the contact us tab. We will get back to you via e-mail with forms and payment etc.​​

Sep 22
Welcome Back

Hello Swedish families in Toronto,

We hope that your children are looking forward to starting (or coming back to) Swedish School!

Most classes start up this coming weekend, hope to see you there. Locations and dates are as follows:

Gateway Public School, 55 Gateway Blvd, Toronto: every Saturday at 9:30am-12:00pm; from Sep 24through June. 

IKEA Etobicoke, 1475 The Queensway, Etobicoke: one Saturday per month at 2:00pm-5:00pm; Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 12, Dec 17, Jan 21, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 22, May 27, June (TBD).

Oakville, See separate post. 

Collingwood, Church of Nazarene, 200 Erie Street, Collingwood: one Sunday per month at 2:00pm-5:00pm; Sep 25, Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 5, Apr 9, May 14, June (TBD). ​

Sep 02
Oakville skoldatum

​Oakvilleskolans preliminära datum för läsåret är som följer:

17/9 (friluftsdag), 14/10, 4/11, 9/12,  20/1, 24/2, 31/3, 21/4, 12/5, 11/6 (skolavslutning)

Joshua Creek Arenas: 17:30 som tidigare.



Preliminary dates for Oakville school 2016/17 are:

​Sept 17 (SUF-OS), Oct 14, Nov 4, Dec 9, Jan 20, Feb 24, Mar 31, Apr 21, May 12, June 11 (end of school)

Joshua Creek Arenas: 17:30


Aug 30
SUF OS 2016

Vi börjar som vanligt med en gemensam kick-off i form av SUF-OS. OS i och med att det är OS år annars är det precis som det årliga SUF-VM som anordnas årligen för alla Svenska skolor i världen av SUF(Svensk Utlandsförening). Denna friluftsdag avlöper lördagen den 17 september kl 10-12, på Martingrove Collegiate i Etobicoke, på idrottsplatsen, dvs samma plats som tidigare år. 

Grenarna är löpning av olika distanser, längdhopp och kast med liten boll och barnen delas in i grupper efter ålder. Barn under sex år deltar inte officiellt i tävlingen men är likafullt välkomna att delta och ha roligt. Efteråt ordnar skolan med lite snack och juice. Vi välkomnar barn, syskon och föräldrar och hoppas på vackert väder denna lördag förmiddag!

Vi hoppas från stort deltagande från alla skolor.

V.g meddela senast den 15:e hur många vuxna/barn som kommer.



We will have our yearly kick-off for all the schools with the "olympic games" for Swedish schools around the world. The time is September 17, 10-12am, same place as last year i.e. Martingrove Collegiate, Etobicoke, sports field.

Mar 01
Anual General Meeting

It's that time of year. We plan to meet for our AGM at IKEA Etobicoke on Saturday March 19 at 1pm-3pm. All members (parents of students, and teachers)​ are welcome and encouraged to participate. We have arranged for babysitters if you would like to bring your child.

Jan 04
Oakville school dates

​Gott nytt år!/Happy New Year!

Oakvilleskolan träffas följande datum under våren:

Jan 15, Feb 5, March 4, April 15, May13.

Vi ses på Jushua Creek Arenas, 17:30-20:00 (fredagar). Om ni inte har varit med innan v g  kontakta Hans N eller Hans F innan så vi kan uppdatera er med ev  ändringar.


Oakville school welcome students and parents the following dates:

Jan 15, Feb 5, March 4, April 15, May13.

We meet at Jushua Creek Arenas, 17:30-20:00 (Fridays). New families, please contact Hans N or Hans F to make sure we keep you up to date with pot. schedule changes.


//Hans N​

Nov 23
Thanks to all volunteers

Another successful Swedish Christmas Festival has come to an end, thanks to all of our parent volunteers and especially a great big thanks to Ulrika and the "Loft committee"! As you know we put on this show every November in cooperation with SWEA and the Harbourfront Centre.

This year's ticket sales were up by over 200 tickets sold compared to the last year and we ended up very busy making an amazing 160 crafts per hour!  

Our "loft committee" is looking for more people to join our group. Do you want to help out?? I'm looking for 4-6 people that can get together a few times before next November 2016. We usually brainstorm, have fun and create new crafts for the new year. Feel free to use the "contact us" form and we will put you in touch with Ulrika.

Thank you for making hundreds of kids happy and excited about the upcoming Christmas Season!

Oct 01
New school year

Welcome all kids! ​Autumn is here and we are up and running again after a nice and long summer. 

Parents, feel free to sign up your kids and bring them to one of our four locations. Signing up and paying is easy here on the website, or you can find us at one of the events to fill in a paper form and pay by cheque to Peter, our new member coordinator.

Feb 02
Etobicoke spring dates

​The following dates are when we meet at Etobicoke this term:

31 January 
28 February
28 Mars

April, May and June has not been scheduled yet, we'll be in touch when finalized.

Feb 02
Apply to TV show? Allt för Sverige.

Below is an excerpt from an email we received, which might be interesting to some of you (disclaimer: this is in no way connected to our School):

​Hi there!
My name is Sofia Eng and I am a casting director in Los Angeles. I am emailing you in regards to our successful nominated TV show “ALLT FÖR SVERIGE” (The previous working title of the show was Great Swedish adventure)
We are very happy to announce that we are now conducting a nationwide casting for season 5. Season 4 was beyond successful with the highest ratings ever of 46% in shares (2 million out of the 9 million population watched it)
We are looking for out-going fun adventurous people and they have to be Canadians of Swedish descent.
So we thought we would ask if you know of any people with a little Swedish Canadian blood. We are also looking for Canadian Finland Swedes. We would be so extremely grateful if you could either put up our flyer at your facility, forward our email, print it in a newsletter, post it on your website, or put it up on FB… with other words please feel free to pass it on!!!!!
Our deadline to apply is Feb 11. The show is shooting in the summer 2015 in Sweden.
To apply for our show they have to go on our website
I am also attaching an episode from season 4 of our nominated show
I thank you so much for reading this and for your help.
All the best!
M E T E R​

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